Heated pipes/pods

Using our wide range of heaters we produce any sizes and shapes of heat tracing and crucibles.

Due to the small bending radius of the heaters and the various materials and mounting options, we can heat objects from the smallest transfer lines up to large-volume pipes and heating pods.

Evaporator crucible with 3 heating zones; Tmax: 800°C

Adsorbtion trap (for analysis technique) with self limiting heater; Tmax: 180°C

Heated capillary Ø 1,6mm with miniature heater brazed; 

Tmax: -200 bis 120°C (cryogenic application)

Heated flange;
Tmax: 800°C

Heat tracing with inside mounted heater spiral;
Tmax: 800°C on air

Evaporator crucible; Tmax: 800°C

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