Heating plates with and without cooling

Using our heater with „laser welded“ or „real cold ends“ we produce any sizes and shapes of heating plates for temperatures up to 900 °C on the surface.

Depending on your process and the working temperature, we develop together the design, choose the right materials and make sure we install the needed power. Therefore, we can already support our customers in the design phase to develop the best solution with and for you.

Details heater layout in grooves.

High temperature hot plate with 2 heating zones; D 330mm, Inconel 600; Tmax: 950°C

Hot plate with integrated cooling; D 380mm; stainless steel 1.4541; Tmax: 700°C

High temperature hot plate D 380mm during heat test at 950°C

High temperature hot plate 110x70x20 mmxmmxmm during heat test at 950°C

Temperature max.250 ° C, material aluminum, fast heating time, very good temperature uniformity, dimensions specific to the customer

High temperature hot plate with brazed heater, Inconel 600;  10x70x20 mmxmmxmm;
Tmax: 950°C

Sealing bar; aluminum; 720x90x20 mmxmmxmm
Tmax: 300°C

Thermal picture during heating phase from aluminum hot plate 230×230 mmxmm

Cooling plate with stainless steel flexible tube casted in groves

Hot plate, aluminum; 1300x93x12 mmxmmxmm;
Tmax: 300°C in vacuum

High temperature hot plate; Inconel 600, 300x330x20mmxmmxmm; Tmax: 600°C

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