Heating seals / heating bars

Using our wide range of heaters we produce any sizes and shapes of heating seals and bars.

Due to the small bending radius of the heaters and the various materials and mounting options, we integrate the heater directly at the heated spot. This gives you fast heat up times with minimum power consumption and increased efficiency.

Sealing head; stainless steel/aluminum; D 12mm;
Tmax: 250°C

Sealing stamp; stainless steel /copper with hard coating; D 30mm;
Tmax: 250°C

Sealing bar; aluminum; 720x90x20 mmxmmxmm;
Tmax: 300°C

Sealing bar; copper; 1220x30x10 mmxmmxmm;
Tmax: 350°C

Seal bracket; special steel;
Tmax: 250°C

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