Using our wide range of heaters we manufacture for different markets according your specifications.

Due to the small bending radius of the heaters and the various heater diameters, materials and mounting options, we integrate the heater directly at the heated spot. Marking your parts, tests, cleaning and packing can be done according to your specifications.

Nozzle heater; Tmax: 500°!C

Source pot with heated inlet (cryogenic application)

Heated launder for tin; Tmax: 300°C

Source pot heater; Tmax: 500°C

Sleeve socket with brazed heater; Tmax: 750°C

Rod Heater for Fuel Pin Simulator; Tmax: 440°C; heated lenghts: 870mm; outside diameter: 8,2mm; P: 22,5kW

Sensor heater for exhaust gas analysis, Tmax: 850°C

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