Radiation heater

Using our heater with „laser welded“ or „real cold ends“ we produce any sizes and shapes of radiant heaters for your application up to 1000 °C.

The used materials and connectors are ideally suited for vacuum applications. Marking your parts by using laser engraving, helium leak test, cleaning and packing can be done according to your specifications.

Radiation heater mounted on polished stainless steal sheet, 1200x2800mmxmm; Tmax: 600°C in vacuum.

Rectangular heater fixed by metal strips, 700×500 mmxmm; Tmax: 900°C in vacuum.

Spiral heater-arched D 150mm; Tmax: 900°C in vacuum.

Rectangular spiral heater fixed on carrier sheet, 350x350mmxmm; Tmax: 900°C in vacuum.

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